Terms & Conditions ADVERTISERS

-1) What are the conditions to become a broadcaster?

You must own a website that meets the acceptance criteria (see question "What are the criteria for accepting a site?") And have the right, and the technical possibility, to broadcast advertising on this site. site. You must also be of legal age or, if necessary, have the authorization of your parents to broadcast advertising on your site. If you are a minor not authorized by your parents, Yajani ADV will not be able to pay you your winnings. Once registered, Yajani ADV accepts or not your registration (delay about 48h). When you are accepted, you have access to all the campaigns proposed by Yajani ADV in the country (or countries) chosen during your registration.

-2) What does the term CGA mean and where can I find it?

CGA means General Terms of Affiliation, they are available on the registration form, in your diffuser area (at the bottom of each page).

-3) For a site to be accepted by our team, it must meet all the following conditions:

Accessibility :
- the site must be online, - not be under construction or at a sufficiently advanced stage to be validated by our team
Ergonomics :
- your site must be easily searchable, offer easy navigation
- dead links or images not displaying are not acceptable
- respect the rule of 3 clicks: the information sought by the user must be accessible in 3 clicks maximum.
- Check that you have control of your advertising space (example of blogs provided by platforms that manage the advertising spaces themselves).
- make sure of the accessibility of the contents of the site via the scroll
Graphics :
- attention to combinations of background and font colors that make the site unreadable
- avoid animated gif
- ensure that the fonts used are readable in all browsers
The contents :
- have content that complies with the law (no incitement to hatred, violence, racist remarks, pedophilia, ...) and Netiquette.
- to contain a sufficient number of information (several pages, one or more topics addressed)
- not be a mirror site that redirects (directly or not) to another site
To note :
- The language of the site must be the same as that chosen during registration. Preferably opt for a URL falling on a page in the specified language.
- Its description must be exhaustive and in the language of the site. It allows our team to have the information necessary to validate your application, and to explain to the advertiser the possibilities of your site in terms of advertising media. If you practice incentives or other levers particular to Internet users, thank you to specify it in the description of your site.
- When registering, please select the country where most of your traffic comes from (eg if most of your users are Belgian, select French Belgium).
- Your site must not have already been submitted to Yajani ADV. A site can not be accepted twice. If you have bought a site from another broadcaster, please ask your previous owner to unsubscribe from the broadcaster on request. - If you only want to buy keywords (on google or others) or broadcast on a Facebook page for example, do not submit google.com or Facebook: create a page (on a free host for example) ) explaining your approach and submit this page on our platform
A site that does not meet one of these criteria will be automatically rejected. If you modify it sufficiently later, we will be able to re-evaluate it on request. Be careful to specify all the changes made when you make your request, otherwise it will not be processed.

-4) I have several sites, how to do it?

You can register as many sites as you want on your Diffuser account. You must then use the tag corresponding to each site. If you want to use the same tag for all your sites, you will need to register once for all of your sites and give the description of each site. It is recommended to create a page presenting all of your sites which will be searchable by the advertisers to whom you will submit your application.

-5) My site exists in several languages. Can I register?

You will need to register one site per language. For example if you have a site in 2 languages (French and German), you will have to register a site in French and a site in German as if they were 2 different sites. It is important to respect this procedure because our campaigns are not always the same depending on the country. Be sure to write the description of your site in the language of the country because it will be read by local advertisers.

-6) How much does it cost ?

The registration for PUBLISHERS is completely free.

-7) How much do I earn?

Your earnings vary from one campaign to another. Advertisers offer different types of remuneration:
- On display (CPM = Cost per Thousand)
- click (CPC = Cost per click)
- at the click by keywords
- at eCPM - the eCPM represents the cost of a campaign on the CPC, CPL, CPA remuneration type, brought back to the CPM.
- per day on display or click
Special conditions may be proposed by the advertiser to certain types of affiliates.

-8) How do you sign up for an affiliate program?

To broadcast a program, your site must be validated by the advertiser beforehand. You must proceed as follows: - select the campaign that interests you by going to the section "campaign" then "selection", and choose the campaign either by theme or by keywords
- apply to the program: once you have selected your campaigns, you will automatically arrive on the application page. This page contains all the information about the program: descriptions, proposed media, remuneration. To apply, you just have to choose, on the left of the screen, the site for which you want to apply and click on "apply".
Your site will be waiting for validation by the advertiser. Validation tracking can be viewed in the "Selection" / "Campaign Management Console to which you have already applied" category.
When a new campaign is offered, you are informed:
- By email
- on the homepage of your account.
In both cases, a link redirects you to the campaign's application page.. You can also consult all the campaigns to which you have not applied in the "Campaign => Selection" section.

-9) How to broadcast a program?

As soon as the advertiser validates your application, the campaign appears in "campaign" / "management"
- manage your campaigns: you will find the desired campaign, either by criteria in the central table, or by keywords. By default, the system displays the latest campaigns on which you have been validated. If you want to display all the campaigns, click on "search by criteria" without selecting criteria.
- set up the campaign: On the campaign management page, you have a table with all your campaigns ready to be displayed. By clicking on "set up" in the last column, you will come to the campaign page. You just have to choose the media you want to use.

-10) I want to introduce a new site

Once registered with us as a broadcaster, it's easy to add a site.
Just go to "Account", "Sites", enter all the information on the main page called "Add a site".
Then click on the "Add" button at the bottom.
Your request will then pass in validation of sites and you will have an answer by mail under one week.

-11) My site is still waiting for validation

The average time to validate a site is one week. In order for the site to be validated by our teams, the creation of the broadcaster account must have been previously confirmed by you. Following the creation of your broadcaster account, an email containing a clickable confirmation link has been sent to you. Check that you have clicked on this link. If you can not find this e-mail, please contact the service that will send it to you.

-12) What is site management?

It's a system that makes it easier to manage your campaigns: - you set up 1 time for all the location tag on your site, for a given visual format (banner 88x31, 120x90, 468x60, 250x250, 728x90, 300x250,300x300,120x600, 160x600, 300x600, 260x340 and more) - you assign advertiser visuals to your placements - a rotation of the different banners you have chosen will be done at regular intervals. The display is optimized to maximize your earnings. The most profitable visuals are displayed more frequently to earn you more. If you want to put auto-promo banners, or a reciprocal link with a friend site, you can embed an external visual in the placement management system.

-13) What is automatic site management?

This system allows you to automatically apply to all campaigns offered on the Yajani ADV platform. Combined with automatic location management, it allows you to fully and automatically manage all of your advertising space.

-14) What is automatic location management?

This system automates location management to save you time. It looks for, among all your campaigns, the visuals that correspond to the format of your location. They are then displayed automatically.

-15) Can I advertise by email?

Oui, dans la mesure où :
Yes, to the extent that: - the campaign authorizes the sending of e-mail (cf description of the program) - e-mail addresses are collected under the current legislation: prior consent of the user (addresses OPTIN partners, declaration of the site to the CNIL for France...

-16) What is a Mini Shop?

It's an HTML format that you can embed on your site. This allows you to offer promotional products or the advertiser's top selling products. This type of format also makes it possible to create additional content on your site, and thus to obtain an additional interest in terms of referencing.

-17) What is incentive?

The incentive is to encourage the user to perform a given action:
- incentive click: any action encouraging the user to click (ex: please click on the banner)
- incentive form: any action encouraging the user to register or complete a form (eg: register to participate in .., to earn loyalty points, etc.)
- sale incentive: any action encouraging the user to buy from the advertiser (eg cashback, points award system, etc.)
For each campaign, Yajani ADV indicates whether the incentive is allowed or not. If in doubt, your campaign manager will tell you what devices are allowed or not.

-18) How to recover a tracked support?

The Yajani ADV platform allows you to recover the visuals of our already tracked advertisers. To retrieve them, go to the campaign page (see question How to broadcast a program?), Select the medium of your choice, then click on "retrieve tags for this visual". A pop-up window will open with the link of the tracked visual. Note: each support has a unique tracking. If you have several sites, remember to select the right in the drop-down menu at the top of the pop, before recovering the link.

-19) What are the unauthorized dissemination practices?

Campaigns must be broadcast in a manner consistent with CGAs, including Article IV (https://www.yajani.com). Here are (non-exhaustive) examples of prohibited practices:
- non respect of the wishes of the advertiser on the modes of diffusion, in particular about the incentives click, form or sale (see question above "What is the incentive?").
All dissemination methods are given on the campaign description page. If you wish to practice incentive or validation click you must first apply by email to the campaign manager specifying all the details of your operation (campaign, target, nature, example text, ...)
- spamming (sending unsolicited mails). All emails must be sent as directed by the CNIL and include all legal notices of unsubscription. Important: only e-mailers who have subscribed to the CPA charter (put link to CPA charter) will be allowed to route the Yajani ADV campaigns.
- making clicks, double clicks, or "personal" forms: This practice is about generating clicks, double clicks, or forms on a campaign yourself. It is recommended to perform a test click when installing the tag, but double-clicks or test forms are strictly forbidden.
- setting up a system generating fake clicks: it is forbidden to modify the links so that they automatically generate clicks without any action on the part of the Internet users.
- broadcast on sites other than those accepted on the campaign: it is forbidden to broadcast campaigns on sites refused by our team or by the advertiser. In some cases, the distribution of a link in a "public" place (forum, mailing list, newsgroup) different from the accepted site may be authorized if the message accompanying the link respects the practices of the place and is adapted to the context of the ongoing discussion.
- adding a tracked link in an "autosurf" or similar system intended to generate "visits" tracked on the site of the advertiser.
- installation of an advertiser's banner in a banner exchange system without the prior consent of the advertiser. If you have doubts about your promotion of a campaign, do not hesitate to contact the campaign manager to validate the device.

-20) Can I add my parameter to a tracked Yajani ADV support?

The Yajani ADV tracking actually allows the addition of an identifier of your own. You can add the argument & argsite = IDENT in the parameters of the url redirection of the tracked link (cf question: How to recover a tracked support?), Where IDENT is an identifier for you for the user who sees the visual. This string (maximum 32 characters) will be indicated in the form / sales statistics.

-21) How to optimize my earnings?

- Use the automatic location management system to maximize the profitability of your displays and save setup time.
- Enrich the content of your site: For example, you can use Mini-shop formats to highlight several products.
- Improve SEO: the more your site presents pages and content related to these pages, the better it will be referenced, and the more visitors you will have.

-22) How does Yajani ADV account for clicks, commissions etc ...?

Yajani ADV has a tracking software that identifies all the events generated by your site (display, click) and by the advertiser (double click, form, sale). Your campaign statistics can be viewed on your account. Note: the statistics system defaults to tracking active campaigns. The statistics of an idle program can be viewed on your account by selecting, in the filters, the category "campaigns" and "all". You will then see the statistics of all the campaigns you have broadcast.

-23) My forms or my sales are "pending". Why ?

The advertiser has a time limit to validate or cancel the forms or sales. During this time, events are put on hold. This delay allows:
- eliminate false entries or multiple registrations
- to wait for the reception of the payment (check, transfer, ...) of the orders and to make sure of the confirmation of the order (delay of retractation of the customer).
At the end of this period, the events are validated automatically.

-24) My clicks are not counted. Why ?

There may be several reasons: the statistics present on the interface are offset by a few hours. The click is not displayed immediately. - In order to fight against fraud, most programs count one click per 24 hours per user. A discrepancy between your accounting and that of Yajani ADV can thus occur. - You have incorrectly installed the campaign tag and your clicks are badly or not counted. In this case, check your installation. If this is another reason, contactus using the contact form to find the source of your problem.

-25) My clicks are counted but not paid, why?

All campaigns are not paid by click. The click is paid only if it is specified in the description of the campaign: CPC compensation.

-26) What is MPCS (Multiperformance Control System)?

The MPCS is a system that caps the number of clicks or postings paid based on the number of sales or forms completed. When activated, it is mentioned in the pay grid. Take the example of a remuneration of 0.1 € per click with a ceiling of 200 clicks per sale. If you generate 250 clicks and then a sale, your first 200 clicks will be paid. The next 50 will be set aside until the next sale. This system allows you to have a pay per click bonus and keep this remuneration for the duration of the campaign.

-27) I can not validate my bill call

In order to validate your billing calls, your account information must be up-to-date. As such, it is important to make the following checks and / or changes. Update of your administrative section:
1 - go to "Account" - "Diffuser"
2 - enter all the necessary data
3 - confirm
Update your billing topic:
1- go to "Account" - "Payment"
2- click on "incomplete information"
3- click on "modify" then "modify" again
4- a request for acceptance of sending mail is addressed to you: accept it. Once in this email, click on the link communicated (within 24h)
5- return to the billing section: enter all the necessary data.
Update your calls to invoice:
1- go into the invoice call
2- click on "change your payment method" at the bottom of the bill
3- a request for acceptance of sending mail is addressed to you: accept it. Once in this email, click on the link communicated (within 24h)
4- return in your call to invoice, enter all the necessary data: postal address, bank data, VAT system. (Repeat these steps for each of your current billing calls.)
5- Once these operations are done, thank you to send an email using the contact form indicating that you need to check the VAT on your account.
(Repeat these steps for each of your current billing calls.)

-28) There are discrepancies between my statistics and the amount of my bill. Why ?

Calls for invoices are published on the 1st of each month, based on a situation at a given moment. Statistics include sales or forms as long as they are validated by the advertiser. The discrepancies may be due to the validation period and / or the payment period of the advertisers.

-29) How do I recover my earnings?

Yajani ADV takes care of collecting your earnings from advertisers, and pays you every month from a certain threshold. The threshold varies according to the currencies (see table below).
If you have earnings in multiple currencies, you can transfer them, at a currency exchange rate, to a single account to reach your payment threshold.
If you did not choose automatic billing (see next question), the process is as follows: you receive a call to invoice with a standard invoice to complete and send back to us by email or by post.
Calls for invoices are sent on the 1st of each month for your validated earnings from the previous month, if the amount exceeds the minimum billing amount (see table below). If this threshold is not reached, your winnings will be carried over to the next month. The payment will be made at the end of the month, if your invoice reaches us between the 1st and 15th of the month (included). If your invoice reaches us between the 16th and the end of the month, your payment will be made between the 15th and the 20th of the following month.
The payment of the commissions is conditioned to the reception of the payment of the advertisers by Yajani ADV. If you issue invoices in multiple currencies over the same period, you will receive a settlement by currency. It is impossible to group all invoices by currency on a single currency (in euros for example).
Minimum threshold to be charged:
Currencies Values
USD 50
No invoice will be issued until the minimum threshold is reached. This threshold must be equal to the validated gains minus the payments awaiting payment by the advertisers.

-30) What is automatic billing?

This service is only for individuals and allows our system to automatically create your bill for the past month: you do not receive a call to invoice and you do not have to send us an invoice.
A copy of the invoice is sent to you by mail (you must keep it as proof), and another copy is kept by Yajani ADV. You receive your payment at the end of the month, according to the means of payment chosen.

-31) Am I paid by transfer, check, ...?

The means of payment depend on the country: - bank transfer is possible in all countries,
-Paypal payment is possible in the following countries: https://www.paypal.com.
-the payment by check is possible only in France.
Depending on the means of payment chosen, there may be associated fees. These fees are indicated in the payment interface. Note: Transfers can only be made if your bank details are complete.

-32) How to unsubscribe Yajani ADV mailing lists?

By choosing to be a Yajani ADV distributor, you start a partnership with us. It is therefore essential for us to be able to provide you with information about our campaigns. Therefore, you can not unsubscribe from our affiliate base. However, you can, if you wish, unsubscribe from our newsletter. To do this, go to your account, tab "account" and sub-category "broadcaster", at the bottom of the page, you will find a checkbox "Check to receive the newsletter Yajani ADV". By unchecking this box, you unsubscribe from the newsletter.

-33) How to unsubscribe from Yajani ADV?

All you have to do is request it by mail using the contact form. A closing fee of 5 euros will be charged. You will then be able to bill us only the amounts of the commissions already paid by the advertisers of the campaigns concerned.

-34) I can not connect anymore, what can I do?

Make sure you use the correct login and password and be case sensitive (lowercase / lowercase). If you have lost your password, go to the login window at the top right of the Yajani ADV.com homepage and hover over "?" If the problem persists, try again a few minutes later, the system may be temporarily unavailable. If, despite this, you still can not connect, contact us using the contact form.

-35) How to reactivate my account?

Thank you for sending us an email with your name, first name, postal address and telephone number. We will carry out the usual checks and proceed to the reactivation of your account.

-36) How to change my login and password?

Important: Only you can make these changes.
- go to "Account" - "Diffusers"
- enter your new data in "contact email" and "password".
- confirm
Your new credentials will be active in a few hours.

-37) How to change my mailing address

Important: Only you can make these changes.
- go to "Account" - "Diffusers"
- enter all necessary updates (address, phone, etc.)
- confirm
Your new data will be saved within 24 hours.

-38) How to contact the services of Yajani ADV?

Tel .: 0970 446 358 - 06 61 43 01 55 - Fax: 0985 636 180
Opening hours: 9h30 - 13h00 - 14h00 - 18h30 - Monday to Friday
Or using the contact form

-39) I do not want to receive emails from Yajani ADV

Our platform is reactive and dynamic. Also, we regularly keep our affiliates informed of new campaigns or their updates. It is impossible to unsubscribe from this type of email. You can however unsubscribe from the newsletter by going to "Account" - "Broadcaster" and unchecking the newsletter box at the bottom of the page. You can also unsubscribe campaigns on which you are accepted and not active to stop receiving messages from them. With regard to the messages of the campaigns you relay, it is important that you continue to consult them. You will then be able to be notified of current operations, as well as the eventual interruption of them. Finally, we invite you to replace your current email address with a specific address (dedicated to Yajani ADV for example) in order to stop receiving our messages in your main mailbox.

-40) Last update of Terms & Conditions January 2017