What are the steps to start an advertising campaign?

To succeed in your advertising campaign, it is important to respect the following steps: - Set objectives and targeted results: the targets of Internet users, the sites diffusers and the associated remuneration, - Register on Yajani ADV and return the signed contract - Set up your campaign: set up the visuals, the tracking elements, the remuneration and the description of the program. - Launch your campaign: When everything is ready, Yajani ADV checks that everything works normally and validates the campaign.

How is an advertising campaign going?

Broadcaster sites that are interested apply to your campaign. You have the choice to validate or reject them. Once accepted, the site broadcaster sets up the campaign on its site, choosing from the media you have provided

How to succeed an advertising campaign?

There is no miracle recipe, but a few basic rules: - Respect broadcasters: These are for you partners. Do not try to abuse them or take advantage of the system! - Pay well your affiliates: the base salary is determined based on your tariff position, competition and market prices. Yajani ADV is at your disposal to optimize this price. - Provide attractive and varied distribution media: banners, e-mailing, mini-shop, text links, ... The more your visuals are attractive and varied, the better it works! - Animate your campaign: You can change your visuals regularly, offer new promotions, organize broadcaster challenges, .... And most importantly, do not hesitate to seek advice from Yajani ADV.

How much does it cost ?

The implementation of an advertising program is subject to three standard price elements: - Yajani ADV asks advertisers to participate in the set up costs. Its amount is defined on estimate according to your site and the type of advertising program to put in place. - Yajani ADV, like the affiliates, is essentially paid for performance. There is a minimum of expenditure per month of 50 € VAT. - The advertiser must credit their account upstream to cover the costs generated by the first affiliated commissions. The amount of this deposit is set according to the potential of the advertising program (it must cover expenses corresponding to 2 months of broadcast). Also, Yajani ADV has a range of la carte services such as the creation of broadcast media or the delegated management of your advertising program (see the service section for more information). You can also use the Yajani ADV platform for tracking your marketing operations.

What are the different compensation options for an Affiliate?

The types of remuneration generally used are the following: - At the display (CPM = Cost per Thousand) - click (CPC = Cost per click) - at the click by keywords - at eCPM - the eCPM represents the cost of a campaign on the CPC, CPL, CPA remuneration type, brought back to the CPM. - per day on display or click Yajani ADV offers many possibilities for tailor-made campaigns, contact us to find out more.

What is Tracking?

To find out who is doing what and to analyze the performance of your campaign, Yajani ADV identifies all the events made. This system is automatic. When setting up your campaign, you may need to set up a simple code (tracking tag) on your site to measure registrations or sales.

How does Yajani ADV avoid fraud?

Yajani ADV has developed several types of security to identify fraud. We do not present them in this FAQ to avoid giving useful information to fraudsters. As soon as a site is identified as "at risk", it is put under surveillance (black-list). Depending on the type of fraud, it is the campaign winnings that are refunded to the advertiser, or all of the fraudster's earnings that are refunded to the advertisers. Yajani ADV also reserves the right to prosecute fraudsters in court. We therefore advise fraudsters to devote their energy to developing the content and added value of their site, it is more profitable.

Who pays the affiliates? When is the payment?

Yajani ADV is responsible for paying affiliates. We pay them every month as soon as their earnings on all the campaigns exceed a threshold (50 Euros). In order to guarantee the payment of the affiliates, we ask you to pay installments so that the balance of your advertiser account remains positive.

How can I delete an advertising program?

You can stop your campaign at any time, with a minimum delay of 48 hours, to allow time for broadcasters to remove your campaign from their site. However, as a rule, it is best to keep your campaign active, leaving only those affiliates that interest you the most. I want to present a new site Once registered with us as a broadcaster, it's easy to add a site. Just go to "Account", "Sites", enter all the information on the main page called "Add a site". Then click on the "Add" button. Your request will then pass in validation of sites and you will have an answer by mail under one week.

I want to start a campaign in another country. Is it possible ?

Yes, Yajani ADV allows you to manage your campaign according to language and type of currency. You can perfectly launch campaigns in other countries. Consult us to know in which countries you can carry out your campaign.

Can I finance my campaign with my broadcaster earnings?

Yes, we must make a request to transfer your affiliate earnings to your advertiser account.

As an Advertiser, how to increase the number of my Affiliates?

You have several solutions at your disposal: - Set up on your site an "affiliation" heading with a link to the description of Yajani ADV. Contact us to provide you with all the necessary information. - Yajani ADV can realize for you an insertion in its newsletter (supplementary service). - You can also set up an affiliate site recruitment campaign for your program.